Pubic Hair Styles

Pubic Hair Cuts

Pubic hair cuts too have their place in the world of pubic hair styles and designs. They might not be elaborate or outrageous like some of the shaven pubic hair designs. Instead, pubic hair cuts are a more practical, easy to maintain approach. Sounds boring? Then head on over to the pubic hair design page.   

Ok then practicle people, lets take a closer look shall we.

pubic hair cuts - au naturelAu Naturel
You just let your forest grow wild. Thats it. Alright, next!




Close TrimAlmost natural
A little gardening is required here. All you really need to do is shave or wax your inner thighs up to your bikini line. The rest of your pubic hair is left to grow in all it's glory.



Close TrimClose trim
The best way to go about getting a close trim is by using a pair of scissors. The idea here is to carefully trim your pubic hairs down to your likeing. You only ever need to re-trim every week to two weeks afterwards. The other great thing about a close trim is that you are less likely to get skin irritations.


The FanThe Fan
The fan hair cut is similar to the close trim except that there is more shaping involved by either waxing or using a razor. Trim your pubic hair down to your likeing, then wax or shave the bikini line so that the parts closest to the lips is the narrowest and the top is the widest, thus giving the shape of a fan.  


I am sure that there are a lot more versions to the pubic hair cuts mentioned above. In the end, it is really up to you as to how much cutting versus shaving you wish to do. I think a combination of shaving and trimming can give you great results, yet still allowing you to have a much easier job in maintaining your groomed haven.

This will ensure that you get neat pubic hair cuts everytime.